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Maths Aims and Vision (Intent)

At St. John’s C of E Primary School we believe that every child is uniquely made and is capable of flourishing and succeeding in Mathematics. Mastery of mathematics is not a fixed state but a continuum. Through a carefully designed mathematics curriculum, we provide our children with the opportunity to flourish and achieve educational excellence. At each stage of learning, pupils are able acquire and demonstrate sufficient mathematics procedures and concepts relevant to their year group, so their learning is sustainable over time and can be built upon in subsequent years. We aim to empower every child to take ownership of their learning; our maths curriculum is designed to facilitate this with opportunities for children to be fluent, reason and solve problems. We believe in adopting a ‘can do’ attitude where children build on their confidence where they thrive on challenge, are resilient to setbacks and show a great deal of perseverance.

How are we teaching and assessing? (Implementation)

We have developed a Maths Mastery approach for pupils in the Early Years through to Year 6 using the National Curriculum, White Rose and NCETM to sequence our learning. It is important for teachers to embed the belief that all pupils can all achieve high standards in mathematics. Further information can be found on the Maths Intent, Implemenation and Impact document. 

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