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Our Staff

Headteacher Mrs Hester
Assistant Headteacher Miss Donnelly (Curriculum and Behaviour)
Assistant Headteacher
Mrs Nussbaum (SENDco & 
Inclusion Lead)
Assistant Headteacher
Mrs Allen


Class Teacher Learning Support Assistant
R Renoir

Mrs Boulter

Ms Nicolaou

1 Da Vinci

Miss Khan Mrs North, Mrs Hutchinson, Mrs K & Miss Robinson
1 Warhol

Miss O'Grady

Mr Chin-Den-Coy & Mrs A

2 Picasso Miss Fong & Mrs Pawson

Mrs Andrawos

2 Monet

Mrs Allen & Mrs Hathi

Mrs Barrett & Miss Khattab

3 Rowling

Mrs Balta

Mrs Patel & Mrs McCreeth

3 King Smith

Mrs Curtis

Mrs Whitfield 

4 CS Lewis

Mr Easton

Mrs Lacey

4 Dahl

Mr Dominic

Mrs Lacey

5 Beethoven

Miss Zaman

Mrs Dave & Mrs Hall

5 Vivaldi

Mrs Rasul

Mrs Elahi & Mrs Hall

6 Mozart

Miss Calderbank

Mrs Wallimohamed

6 Debussy Miss Donnelly & Miss Lakhani

Mrs Archer

SEN   Mrs Hall (SENDco Administrator)
Music Teacher Mrs Ogunniyi  
Office Manager Mrs Varsani
School Business Manager Mrs Bacchus
Welfare, Teaching and Learning Resources Mrs Wheeler and Mrs Walsh
Senior Midday Supervisor Mrs Wheeler

Midday Supervisory Assistants



Kitchen Staff

Mrs Arnett, Mrs Kanthakumar, Mrs Lush, Mrs Vibhani, Mrs Walsh, Mrs Arasaratnam, Mrs Hutchinson, Ms Munro, Mr Modeste, Mrs Orel, Mrs Shojaeiseifabad.


Mrs Daruish, Miss Martiradonna, Mrs Campbell, Mrs Constant


Site Manager Mr Lynch

Mrs Parreira, Mrs Muresan, Mrs Maunders, Mr Patel

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