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At St Johns we follow a PSHCE schemes of work which aim to equip our children with essential skills to help them live and learn safely in the modern world. They aim to develop the whole child through carefully planned and well-resourced lessons that help pupils to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to make their own positive, healthy and safe choices.

Our P.A.N.T.S program is centered around teaching pupils essential skills to safeguard and care for themselves and others. Our MindUp program is centered around helping pupils to be mindful and build a growth mindset. Through this program, pupils develop resilience to cope with life’s ups and downs.

Our Jigsaw program is centered on helping pupils to gain a better understanding of the world around them. With the focus of helping pupils to build respect for themselves and others, build positive relationships, taking care of themselves and others and building an awareness of where they can get help if they need it. Teaching pupils about their human rights and promoting the importance of each right to pupils across the school. Articles will be linked with subject across the curriculum to maintain the focus on the importance of each right. Pupils will be taught both rights and responsibilities allowing them to develop a deeper understanding of each article.

Following the recent pandemic we aim to offer a PSHE curriculum that is heavily focused on mental health and wellbeing of pupils. We aim to use the SCARF framework to help us deliver lessons that are focused on dealing with new emerged issues that have come from life after COVID 19. We aim to work on supporting children to make a smooth transition back into society. Overall we aim to give pupils the vital tools To ensure children have built strong foundations to allow them to thrive in modern society

    PSCHE and RSE Curriculum Overview by units of work.

    NSPCC PANTS programme which includes FGM lessons are colour coded in blue, which helps our pupils understand that their body belongs to them, and promotes safeguarding by empowering them to tell someone they trust is anything makes them feel upset or worried. The programme aims to keep children safe from sexual abuse.  

  • PSCHE- Unit 1 Being me in my world

  • PSCHE- Unit 2 Celebrating Differences

  • PSCHE- Unit 3 Dreams and Goals - Additional lessons will be delivered on Money Sense in the lead up to Christmas.

  • PSCHE- Unit 4 Healthy Me

  • PSCHE- Unit 5 Relationships

  • PSCHE- Unit 6 Changing Me - Puberty units in PSCHE Jigsaw scheme have been moved around and matched to the year group and age development suitability of our pupils

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