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At St. John’s we are committed to delivering a rich and diverse PE curriculum. We ensure all children from EYFS to year 6 are provided with 2hours of high quality PE lessons a week. We intend to instil the wisdom of physical activity and it’s life-long benefits, through an active curriculum where children are engaged in physical activity for 30mins a day (excluding breaks and PE lessons). At St. John’s we want to enable all children to develop the strength and compassion to work collaboratively as a team. We encourage children to become leaders within sport where their voices are heard. We will focus our extra-curricular activities based on the needs and interests of children with a particular focus on raising the profile of girls in sports. We are determined to plan our clubs around the sporting calendar, and will continue to attend a diverse range of Harrow school games, that accommodate the interests of as many of our pupils as possible. At St. John’s we celebrate the sporting success of all our pupils both in and out of school. This helps to inspire and excite children about participating in schools and gives children the strength to persevere no matter what the outcome.

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